AEYC music links

AEYC music links

Hello AEYC music session participants. Here’s my digital handout. Enjoy!

Info and links:

Music standards – if you’re interested in the “under the hood” concepts toward which students are working:
Alaska general music K-8 standards (pdf)
Alaska does not have pre-K standards for music, here’s Colorado’s as an example:
Colorado pre-K music standards (pdf)

Software to change speed of songs:
Youtube: click the gear icon in the lower right of a YouTube video, select speed (not always ideal for music)

Movement songs with built-in choreography:

They Might Be Giants – Clap Your Hands

Ants Go Marching – the steady bass beat starts at :20

Another freeze game “Move and Freeze” with specific dance moves demonstrated in the video:

Fun singing songs and chants:

I embedded YouTube videos of these songs so you can hear how the songs go, but with kids you can sing them a capella or with piano or guitar.

Mr. Sun (main song I usually do stops at :57, they add a refrain and other parts afterward

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Halloween variation:

 Five black and hairy bats
Eating delicious snacks
Flapping their wings along the way (flap flap flap!)
One went into a cave
Where he began to shave
Now there's only four black hairy bats
(four, three, etc.)

I Am a Pizza – call and response song – Lyrics

Little Bunny Foo Foo

 Little bunny foo foo, hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice and bopping 'em on the head
Down came the good fairy, and she said,
"Little bunny foo foo, I don't like your attitude
Scooping up the field mice and bopping ' em on the head.
I'll give you 3 chances and if you don't behave,
I'll turn you into a GOOOON."

But the next day...
2 more chances...
1 more chance...

PDFs for the following four songs/chants in this shared folder
5 Little Monkeys
Christopher McCracken
Riley Works With One Hammer

Pass the Pumpkin

I Think Music’s Neat – simple chant for steady beat keeping with body percussion or instrument

Pass the Pumpkin – pass a “pumpkin” around, whoever has it when it stops gets to play a drum/cymbal/something on the “boom!

Pass the Pumpkin all around
Listen to the spooky sound
Oooh oooh, oooh oooh
Will it stop at you? BOOM!

Books with music

Going on a Bear Hunt by Helen Oxenbury- there are many ways to do this book. You can make up your own melody for the main refrain or use one of many available online. You can use instruments to represent the different obstacles in the family’s path, or simply do a call-and-response activity like they do in this video:

Mortimer by Robert Munsch – use instruments to represent the sounds in the refrain of this book.
Skunka Tanka by Steve Webb

This book and CD combo has lullabies in the three South East Alaska Native languages. The book is beautiful and illustrated by Crystal Kaakeeyáa Worl. Available at the library or for purchase at the SEAlaska Hertiage store linked here.

Transition and special occasion music:

Clean up song – this version changes key every time they sing it which is unnecessary! Just listen to the first 12 seconds for the melody and loop that while cleaning.

lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to – great background music for study/reading/rest time

Relaxing ambient music YouTube channel for nap time and calm activity – there are many YouTube channels like this to explore

Bach prelude and cello suite – great for calming, centering

Various music selections for music activities

A smattering of songs I’ve moved to with kids. Try to vary the cultures, speeds, instruments, and languages that your kids hear!

Post-2019 session additions:

These suggestions came from attendees, thank you for contributing them!

Tlingit Lullabies by Rob Littlefield & jazz by Ed Littlefield – hopefully purchasable at the Sealaska gift shop on Seward St. (the online store doesn’t have the CDs)

Dirt Made My Lunch – Banana Slug String Band – song starts at 1:35

The Bear Went Over the Mountain